Every Child deserves a bright future

We are here to support them and secure them a better tommorrow.
Knowing Christ is Key.

Education & Support

Education allows a child to Dream
of the many Posibilities.

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The world if filled with alot of raw Talent the goal is to insure no talent goes unnoticed
as it may be the key to an individuals success .We play, we pray and push talent to create more posibilities and hope

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Who We Are

A SPORTS’ MINISTRY IN WESTERN ZAMBIA: The Western Province of Zambia has 16 districts and as a sports ministry, we aim to reach out to all the districts. Soccer balls are the tools we use to partner with football clubs in the rural areas, to be able to visit schools and to share the love of Jesus Christ. the project cyrus, founded in 2015, aims to provide an extensive bible study program in schools and football clubs to meet the spiritual needs of young people in the surrounding communities. And by doing this, people who have never heard about God will be introduced to the gospel..

Our Mission

To further the Kingdom of God by spreading the Gospel throughout the Western Province of in Zambia using sports to reach out to children, teens and young adults, not only that but to also give people in rural Zambia with Education giving children the opportunity to chase their dreams..

Please Join us

Will you prayerfully consider joining our team? Thank you so much for your investment. Your prayers and giving will bring lots of people to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and support in Education of rural under previlaged children, lets restore hope where we can, Together we can change lives.

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Helping a single child can open so many doors to limitless possibilities, bringing joy and hope.
As an organisation, we strive to give hope to less preveleged people in rural Zambia, children born in homes that cant afford to give then an education, they are families out there struggling just to have a decent meal, So we decided to reach out to these lives to atleast give them hope, we do this by preaching the word of God through sport and through our means, we help support as many children as we can by providing them with means to access education

We need your help

To run the project we need funds to organise transport to run our daily activities and support our volunteer coaches needs, to buy sports equipment and to organise tournaments, those being our basic needs..

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Volunteers say

Urgent Cause

Donate For Hunger
Need £2,000

This is an everyday challenge in most parts of rural Africa, and are trying to make a difference in the area we operate in, by surprising the locals with something to sustain their Families

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Join Our Comunity

Chi and Reuben are going to the camp in Zambia!

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Weʼve raised £2,000 to Help kick-start camps in Zambia! With your donation we will be able buy tents + sports equipment for the first camp which we had set to take place the end of March 2020, but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are yet to set a new date.

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Latest Events

COVID-19 Lesson in Lozi

We choose to not leave anyone behind! Coronavirus lesson in Lozi!!…We decided to Create a video to give a Little insight and better understanding of rhe Coronavirus

Sipatela has Down Syndrome.

Unfortunately the community he lives in has very little knowledge about his condition so he is regarded as mentally disturbed child which is very sad.

We love our Tuesdays!!

After soccer practice coaches sit together with the players and engage in a Bible study session. If we are to have healthy churches, we need to make sure we have healthy disciples!!!

Game Day

Another incredible afternoon!! Our children in Mongu visited the children in Nalusa village and played soccer against each other. Beautiful afternoon full of excitement!!.

Another incredible afternoon school shopping with these awesome children!! A huge thanks to all our sponsors!! You are making a huge difference.

upcoming events

Friendly Matches

We usually have friendly matches every month, we usually arrange with teams from other villages around and get together for a game, but everything has been paused due to the fear of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Organised Tournaments

We organise small tournaments with teams from the district and around the village, these tournaments are very exciting and gives the local villagers something to look upto as we have grown to become a team for the community. We wait for the day when we can play again


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in the Football team


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  • Address: Postal code:10101 P.o. box k039 Kanyonyo Mongu Zambia
  • Phone: +260 97 785 3446
  • Email: info@theprojectcyrus.com
Following up Our Players

A follow up on their school performance.

Bible study with fun

This is where we have fun while sharing the gospel, Bible quiz.